1. Oster Stainless Steel Toaster Oven  $40  Target-  I think the toaster oven we have now is one of Josh’s that he’s had for…oh, I don’t know…15 years. It’s old, it’s grimy, it’s unsightly. Time for a new one. This one is pretty enough to leave out on a counter top.
2. Orgreenic Frying Pan  $20  Orgreenic– As cheesy as the commercial is, we got one as a Christmas gift from my mom/step dad and so far I really like it!
3. Chalk Ink  $27.99  Chalk Ink Worldstore- These would be for the chalkboard we plan to add to the back of the peninsula. They are a bit pricy but less of a mess. Bonus: The pro’s use them (Starbucks, Panara, Whole Foods)!
4. Kitchen Aid Food Processor $150.00  Target- I probably wouldn’t even be posting this but the one we currently have has a crack in the plastic bowl. This one is more updated and would go along nicely with all the other gadgets.
5. Cat Tail Spoon  $30  Jonathan’s- It pays to watch the credits on cooking shows. I found this featured on the Christina Cooks show and love it! There are so many beautiful options to choose from.
6. Kitchen Aid Hand Blender  $40  Target– I can’t tell you how badly I want an immersion hand blender!
7. Hurom Slow Juicer  $358.95  Amazon- We own this juicer and it’s so much better than the Jack LaLanne one we had (actually we had two LaLanne’s that broke). Invest in a good juicer people!
8. Kitchen Aid Professional 600 Series 6 Quart Stand Mixer  $price varies  Everything Kitchens (ours was purchased through QVC but I didn’t find it on the site)- My wonderful mom bought us one for Christmas!!! Which reminds me, I should probably make her some cookies! We wanted one so bad. This thing is heavy and beautiful.
9. ELLY Dish Towel  $4  IKEA- Always need new dish towels. These are clean, neutral, and cheap! I’d also recommend the towels from Target.
10. Libbey Tempo Square Glass Dinnerware  $2.99/piece  BB&B- We received these as a gift for Christmas as well and love them! The square shape fit perfectly in the cupboards and they are thick and heavy duty! It’s something a little different from the traditional white dinnerware.
So that’s my little list of kitchen essentials. To be honest I get overwhelmed when I’m in the kitchen trying to cook but I push myself to get over my little “fear” but I do watch a ton of cooking shows. These items would make it much nicer for prepping don’t you think?
Have better suggestions for my kitchen? Share them in the comments. Don’t be shy!